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Master planning

Sweco focuses strongly on urban renewal projects; from attractive mixed urban developments to village-friendly construction. We prepare master plans for public and private clients. Sometimes on the scale of an urban block, sometimes for an entire district, but always with a view to an integrated approach and the collective added value of these projects.

The role of our master plans can vary widely. From a master plan that forms the basis for the concrete development of a site to strategic master plans in policy-preparing vision formation. Master planning is also an excellent means to spatially test ambitions and ideas within an integrated area development.

We specialize in urban design and design-related research. A customized interactive process harmonizes the ambitions and starting points of clients and stakeholders. This allows us with our designs to formulate innovative and broadly-supported solutions to urban challenges.

In our master plans we combine analysis and design of built-up and open space with customized procedure and stakeholder management, financial feasibility, program research, planning support, mobility, ecology and water management, district-level energy systems … Where our master plans are focused on realization, promotional designs are for the concrete development, our strategic master plans define ambitions, strategies and frames of reference for vision formation and short- and longer-term policy.

We find it important to guarantee continuity and quality assurance, from the master plan through implementation. Sweco likes to support the client in the selection and/or accompaniment of the architects and has all the necessary expertise in house for the study‐assignment for laying out the outside space. The environmental permit for subdividing lands can also be entrusted to Sweco.

BUUR Part of Sweco is the leading multidisciplinary research, planning and design team within Sweco Belgium. Together we translate the joint ambition ‘Transforming Society Together’ into concrete visions and projects for the spatial transition.

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