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Policy planning

On the local, provincial and regional levels, Sweco conducts strategic research and we work on ambitious visions and policy plans. We are strong in strategic spatial plans and always approach them with an interdisciplinary perspective and approach.

We formulate strategies for center reinforcement, densification and interweaving, or we focus on ecological, recreational and mobility networks in a broader region. Because a city or region can be conceived not only by experts, we always follow an open research and participation trajectory for this. Local and regional knowledge of a wide range of users is crucial in the process of forming a strategic policy plan, since it must create the framework for concrete projects of private and public owners.

Strategic planning processes are usually policy-preparing or policy-forming studies. Via data analysis, stakeholder surveys, sectoral visions and design-related research, we develop scenarios and lay out potential strategies. We also like to help clients think about how these strategic visions can be converted into policy instruments, investment programs and concrete actions.

Working on the strategic level demands an extensive process approach, where stakeholders, policy makers and the general public are brought together in a carefully-conceived process in working groups, discussion circles and decision-making boards. Bringing people or organizations together often also plants the seeds for later collaborations and pilot projects.

BUUR Part of Sweco is the leading multidisciplinary research, planning and design team within Sweco Belgium. Together we translate the joint ambition ‘Transforming Society Together’ into concrete visions and projects for the spatial transition.

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