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Spatial instruments

Sweco has the expertise to deploy the right spatial instruments in order to give strength to a vision and make it achievable. After all, challenging projects generally have a broad scope and it is necessary to harmonize them with the preconditions deriving from environmental law and the interests of the stakeholders. Every local situation is different and demands a targeted approach and the proper use of instruments.

Our many years of experience in spatial planning, urban development and the environment have allowed us to build up wide-ranging expertise concerning numerous instruments in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. By accompanying various government authorities we have amassed excellent knowledge from the practice of spatial policy plans, spatial implementation plans, regulations, environmental impact reporting, environmental permits, as well as nature tests and appropriate assessments.

For complex assignments we go through the complex projects procedure, or we opt for a process architecture that brings together all of the necessary instruments in an integrated planning process.

BUUR Part of Sweco is the leading multidisciplinary research, planning and design team within Sweco Belgium. Together we translate the joint ambition ‘Transforming Society Together’ into concrete visions and projects for the spatial transition.

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