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Water is essential for a high-quality living environment. Economic growth, urbanisation and climate change present challenges with regard to water safety and availability and require integrated solutions. Sweco experts provide advice, support policy and vision development, and realise innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable water system. Thanks to our extensive technical expertise and close consultation with our clients and stakeholders, we are working together on the ‘blue’ living environment of tomorrow.


The Sweco Integrated Water Management teams consist of passionate experts with a technical or environmental background, engaged in realising a climate-robust and sustainable water system. Our experts always work in an interdisciplinary and integrated manner with other Sweco teams that comprise urban planners, architects, ecologists, topographers, mobility experts, communication experts, graphic designers, etc.

Our teams have the necessary accreditations to conduct specific hydrological studies. We have team members with EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) accreditation for the discipline of surface water and groundwater, OVAM (The Public Waste Agency of Flanders) accreditation for groundwater modelling, VCA-VOL (safety checklist for contractors – operational safety management) certification, and certificates for entering confined spaces.

Our team members work from various Sweco offices located in Antwerp, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Ghent, Brussels, Leuven and from project offices.

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