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Hydrological data management

Our hydrological studies are always substantiated with the required field knowledge and data.  In case data availability is inadequate, Sweco can develop, set up and follow up additional monitoring networks. Sweco has the necessary software, infrastructure and experts to manage complex databases and perform automated data analyses (cloud computing, data mining).

Sewerage system survey

Sweco prepares digital surveys and monitoring relating to the existing sewerage system above as well as below ground, and after processing the data with our own software, we send it to the client in a format desired by it (drawings, databases and/or survey sheets are also available options). After the completion of the work, we also conduct as-built surveys of the sewerage system for the purpose of drawing up a plan of the new existing situation.

Sweco has a specialised inspection team for the surveying and monitoring of sewerage infrastructure. This team comprises at least three employees, and complies with the monitoring and safety procedures imposed by Aquafin and the other sewerage treatment operators. All employees hold “Safe entry to confined spaces” certificates, and we also possess an all-terrain vehicle with the required signage to carry out Category 6 work on non-motorways (mobile work).

Our references:
  • Databases commissioned by Fluvius
    At the time of the transfer of the municipal sewerage system to Infrax (now Fluvius), Infrax wanted the remonitoring of the sewerage system in their entire area and the entry of the same into their Smallworld database. We executed this assignment for more than 20 municipalities in Limburg and about 5 in Flemish Brabant (including Hasselt, Genk, Beringen, Sint-Truiden and Tienen), and the database was delivered to Infrax in GML format.
  • Databases commissioned by Aquafin
    Apart from the modelling aspect, Aquafin’s hydronaut studies also require the periodic preparation and updating of the Aquafin sewerage database. Monitoring the sewerage infrastructure are an important aspect of this project. Our surveys are processed in an Infonet database.
  • As-built surveys – Fluvius
    For all the municipalities affiliated to Fluvius, in Limburg, Flemish Brabant, Antwerp and West Flanders, we conduct as-built surveys of the newly laid sewers and process them into an Autocad drawing, which the engineering firm will use as the basis for its as-built file. A GML file will also be supplied, which will be used to update the Fluvius database.
  • As-built survey projects of other sewerage treatment operators (e.g. Farys, Pidpa)
    For other sewerage treatment operators, the as-built measurements must be carried out by the engineering firm itself. For Sweco files, our field team carries out these surveys and processes the same into the format requested by the client (Infonet for Farys; Access database for Pidpa).

Groundwater and surface water monitoring

Knowledge is power. Our hydrological studies are always substantiated with the required field knowledge and data. In case data availability is inadequate, Sweco can develop, set up and follow up a hydrological monitoring network. We organise both surface and groundwater measurements, with regard to the water quantity (water levels, flows) as well as water quality.

We are experienced in conducting manual surveys and in setting up fully automatic monitoring networks in a wide variety of areas: from industrial polluted sites to remote nature reserves

Apart from hydrological monitoring, Sweco and its Soil team can also perform soil investigations (drilling, probings, infiltration tests).

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