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Integrated water studies

Today, everyone is aware that the water system can no longer be viewed in isolation. Water quality, quantity, surface water, rainwater and groundwater are all components of the same hydrological system.

Furthermore, from the point of view of sptial planning and policy, water is interwoven with innumerable other aspects such as ecology and biodiversity, economy, landscape design, tourism and recreation, spatial planning and urban development, infrastructure, climate change, etc. This strong coherence often necessitates an integrated approach to hydrological studies that takes into account all the components of the water system and our environment.

As a broad-based engineering firm, Sweco has experts available from all possible disciplines. Interdisciplinary and cross-team working is ingrained in Sweco’s DNA. For integrated water studies, a team of experts in a wide range of disciplines is always assembled in order to achieve a qualitative integrated solution tailored to the client.

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