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Modelling of wastewater and storm sewer systems

Sustainable disposal of sewage and rainwater includes the modelling of sewage and storm sewer systems, in conformity with the requirements applicable to integrated water management. A significant factor in this regard consists of the impact of climate change.

We develop a vision for the future storm sewer system, with a focus on the source-based approach to rainwater. Infiltration and reuse are utilised to the maximum extent.

InfoWorks ICM ID/2D hydrodynamic models are used to conduct hydraulic analyses of existing and planned storm sewer systems. These hydrodynamic models provide a clear picture of the water movement and operation of the sewer system, and of the interaction with the watercourse system. The sewer system design also includes corrosion calculations and the modelling of pressure sewer systems. The impact of source measures such as infiltration, buffering and reuse is analysed in Sirio.

Our integral approach contributes to the sustainable design of sewerage and storm sewer systems, in which water safety as well as availability are given due consideration.

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