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Enough of the same climate talk!

Revolution is in the air

Enough of the same climate talk. Been there, done that. Let’s go all-in – that’s how we start a revolution. Every city or company has the potential to be a leader in the transition to a low-carbon future. It’s time to take up that challenge. Let’s transform society together. And start today. With Futureproofed’s SaaS platform to measure and reduce carbon footprint. Combined with Sweco’s deep technical and engineering expertise. A human approach to climate tech. Are you in? For a breath of fresh air, join our revolution. The time is now yesterday.


Futureproofed becomes part of Sweco

To guarantee a safe future and ensure our prosperity, we must halve CO2 emissions every decade. By joining forces, we enable companies and cities to develop and implement their climate strategy digitally. From A to Z. From plans to projects.

The climate revolution starts today. Get involved!

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