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East Coast Healthcare non-profit organisation




2006 – 2017

A future-oriented design was chosen for this new hospital in Knokke, with optimal opportunities with regard to sustainability, functionality and flexibility.

Sweco Belgium took care of the project management during the study and construction process.

The new campus will float as it were, above the landscape and light and nature will dominate as far as into the technical areas. The designers are linking high-tech health care with a general feeling of well-being and freedom of movement for anyone staying in, working in or coming to the new hospital. The link between inside and outside, between care facilities and public spaces, will be almost seamless, resulting in an inviting and inspiring environment.

The site being built on is twenty hectares. In addition to a hospital, the new care campus will include a rehabilitation centre, care hotel, outpatient’s clinic, auditoriums, public event area and heliport. A temporary company made up of the architectural firms AAPROG, Boeckx & Partners and Buro II has drawn the design and was considered via a general European request to quote.


  • wards with 360 acute, classical and day hospitalisation beds;
  • medical-technical services;
  • radiotherapy department, endoscopy department, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, hemodialysis, cardiac catheterization, intensive care, laboratories, molecular biology, medical imaging with ultrasound, Rx, CT, MRI, gamma camera, mortuary, operating theatres emergency treatment (M.U.G.);
  • outpatients’ clinic: offices, research areas, waiting areas, secretariat, function rooms;
  • logistics: pharmacy, central sterilization, kitchen, cleaning service, technical maintenance, biotechnical department, linen, stockrooms, archives, waste disposal;
  • centres: administration and administrative services;
  • technical block (substations etc.);
  • additional facilities: incl. cafeteria, training rooms, library, auditoria, boarding school.


  • project management & process management;
  • strategic care plan;
  • programming;
  • preliminary study and appointment of designer;
  • Master plan development;
  • funding (Flemish Infrastructure Fund for Care Institutions);
  • construction coordination (20 lots);
  • budget monitoring and planning;
  • document management.