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Eastman Ghent


2017 – 2019


20 months


Basic engineering, Detail engineering and Construction phase


Building engineering, Building installations, Electricals, Construction management, Procurement (assistance), Project management

Sweco has assisted the Eastman chemical company with various EPCm services. We took care of the engineering and implementation monitoring of the new blast-resistant control building.

As a result of thorough construction management and strict monitoring, we were able to peg down the work to 10 months.

The new control building on the Eastman site in Ghent is a blast-resistant building. This building also offers additional office space for production activities. Furthermore, the building functions as a ‘shelter in place’ for the personnel present, a safe indoor refuge in the event of an emergency.

Blast resistant building
Sweco has taken special measures to protect the building in the event of incidents. That’s why the construction has specifically been calculated to withstand heavy impacts. This is reflected in the choice of both sturdy and durable materials, such as sandwich concrete panels, masonry, exterior joinery and glazing with special safety features. Another important modification is the high air density to safeguard the interior spaces. This means that the supply of fresh air can also be shut off. We have designed it in such a way that in the event of an emergency, different valves close. The air present is then pumped around to provide the control room with sufficient oxygen. There is also a backup system, which is designed to keep the server room cool. When necessary, the space will issue excess heat into the city water. In addition, an emergency generator is able to ensure power supply to the entire HVAC business.

Sustainability is a top priority
In order to make the control building as energy-friendly as possible, we have provided heat pumps and heat recovery. In winter, the heat from the server room is used to heat the rooms and in mid-season, the meeting rooms can transfer their heat to the office spaces. Sweco has also made an Energy Performance and Indoor Climate (EPB) reporter available. The prior calculations have ensured an optimally sustainable design.

Functionality for today and tomorrow
Thanks to the 3D model, which includes all elements of building and architecture, HVAC and electricals, Sweco provided the customer with a clear picture of the new building and the interfaces remained under control. We scrutinised various layout options in order to arrive at an extremely functional and compact building. This was accompanied by giving extra attention to safety and accessibility as well as flexibility with a view to future expansions: easily adaptable partitions, limited number of structural elements and computer floor in the control room, etc. Despite these challenging preconditions, we have nevertheless created a comfortable and pleasant working environment in spacious rooms with the emphasis on maximum incidence of light, minimal noise disturbance and maintenance-friendly materials and elements.