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Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie Picarde (CHwapi)




2006 – 2016 (phase 1), under study (phase 2)


baev, Ellyps, Cosep, Matriciel


technical equipments


49.400 m² (phase 1), 90.000 m² (phase 2)

This project forms part of a policy for grouping together on one site all critical care beds that are currently distributed between the different Tournai establishments, i.e. the Clinique Notre-Dame, the IMC and the Dorcas and former CHRT hospital sites.

This project, built on the Union site, presented the opportunity of developing a new approach for receiving patients, in line with evolving needs for accommodation.

The first phase of construction began in 2009 with the Maternity & Children’s unit and the first part of the medical-technical unit. The Maternity & Children’s unit is home to all gynaecology, paediatrics, mastology and paediatric ENT consultations. The medical-technical services, alongside the surgical department, group together the obstetrics, high-risk pregnancy and MAP departments. The upper floors are home to the maternity, neonatal medicine and paediatrics wards.

The new establishment has a modern and high-performance surgical department containing 10 operating theatres, 2 of which are dedicated to outpatient surgery. The medical-technical unit is also home to the new ER department and a comprehensive radiology department. The upper floors contain 2 recovery rooms and 2 general treatment rooms.

These medical services are provided with centralised sterilisation facilities and pharmacy, in addition to a pathology/histology laboratory.

This first phase also includes the renovation of accommodation units.

Subsequent phases will complement these services and bring the overall capacity to 601 beds. Phase 2 is currently under study.

Phase 1 covers:

  • the disassembly and full renovation of building 700;
  • the construction of wing 100 forming the Maternity & Children’s unit;
  • the construction of wing 201 (and partial construction of wing 202) forming the Medical-Technical unit, including the most extensive services provided by the hospital, i.e. the surgical department, the intensive care units, the ER, the pharmacy and the sterilisation facilities, in addition to hospitalisation units and a two-tier underground car park;
  • the construction of the central core 101 at the junction between wings 100 and 201, and building 700.

The second phase of the project proposes grouping together the IMC and Clinique Notre-Dame sites. This step will bring the project to a total 755 beds and a capacity of 170 surgical outpatients.

This phase plans the construction of the following departments:

–     During a prior phase:

  • the construction of temporary building 900 and the construction of building 800. These buildings will mainly be home to the treatment units;
  • The demolition of the existing buildings located on the construction site.

–     The construction of the following buildings:

  • Building 202 will primarily house the following departments: dialysis, medical imaging, surgical department and day hospital, intensive care unit and treatment units.
  • Building 300 will primarily house the following departments: a two-tier underground car park with a total of 1,200 spaces, consultations and day hospitals.
  • Building 400 will primarily house the following departments: treatment units.
  • Building 500 will primarily house the following departments: treatment units.
  • Building 600 will primarily house the following departments: storage, changing rooms, laboratory spaces and offices.

–     Transformation of building 800 into a hotel.

Assignment of Sweco
Full design and monitoring of the performance of the technical facilities specific to the different departments within a medical-technical unit including the surgical department.

  • HVAC
  • Electricity – high and low-voltage current
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Medical fluids
  • Lifting devices
  • Bed head units
  • Centralised management of the whole hospital