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Lotus Bakeries




2013 – …

Sweco Belgium is a permanent partner for Lotus Bakeries in Lembeke, providing a range of energy consulting services.

Here is a selection of the projects we have done for Lotus Bakeries:

  • Feasibility study for heat recovery on a new compressed air compressor: comprehensive measurement campaign, draft provision, simulation, profitability calculation, elaboration of the control strategy and regulation of the grant application. By means of the proposed creative solution, a considerable amount of residual heat from the compressor, which is usually lost to the atmosphere, is profitably recovered. This to meet the heat demand of an industrial washing machine and other hot water consumers in the plant. Resulting in significant natural gas savings for Lotus Bakeries.
  • Drafting of the Energy plan in the context of the EPA’s (energy policy agreements) with associated aftercare (annual EPA-monitoring and reporting to the Flemish Energy Agency) and elaboration of planned study measures.
  • Energy study on the cooling (ice water production, distribution and consumption) and large electrical installations where concrete economy measures are examined for both technical and economic feasibility.
  • Energy audits in the various production sites of Lotus Bakeries.

Testimonial Lotus Bakeries

Our collaboration with Sweco runs extremely smoothly. For Lotus Bakeries it’s an added value to be able to rely on the knowledge, drive and passion that Sweco employees generate in order for us to achieve our goals.