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Gassco Belgium




2013 – present

Sweco Belgium advised Gassco in its sustainability report on the social, economic and environmental performance of the company according to the guidelines of the GRI G4 (and earlier versions), where we also took into consideration sector-specific guidelines for the oil and gas sector.

The reports were successfully subjected to the Materiality Disclosure Check (and precursors) of the GRI.

Sweco also conducted a baseline audit of sustainability in accordance with the requirements of ISO 26000 and the CSR Performance Ladder. In the future, a fully sustainable system might be set up. Such a process starts with a detailed inventory of current legislative provisions, risk assessments, procedures and documentation covering ecological, economic and social aspects.

The results of the assessment phase are then assessed against the legal obligations; risk assessments are made and missing procedures and documentation are drawn up as a basis for sustainable business practices. Every aspect of the process is being discussed in close cooperation with the staff of the company.

Photo: © Henderyckx