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2009 – 2033


exploratory soil survey, detailed survey, risk assessment, risk management proposal, specifications and environmental support risk limitation activities, technical reports and report on recycling options for excavated soil in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Since 2009, Sweco Belgium has been assisting Brussels transport company STIB with the new Marconi tram depot (garage for 75 trams, maintenance workshop for 10 trams, and an administrative building) as soil contamination specialist. This work is being carried out within the consortium of Altiplan, Sweco and Transamo (AGT).

To this end, we have identified historically present contamination on the site, including that from a former petrol station, and provided further information in a survey of risks and details. The risk management measures used to treat this have been integrated with the building project. The maximum amount of contaminated soil has been excavated under environmental supervision, and groundwater is being treated by extraction and purification.

Sweco is monitoring and evaluating progress until a satisfactory end situation is achieved and a report can be made.

Photo: © Willemen Groep