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Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel (BAM nv)








technical report, preliminary soil survey, descriptive soil survey, soil survey, soil remediation project, environmental supervision of soil remediation works, waterbed survey, demolition and asbestos inventory

On behalf of the management company Antwerpen Mobiel (BAM NV), Sweco is carrying out various soil activities in preparation for the construction of the Oosterweel Connection.

This is being done within the temporary consortium RoTS (THV Rechteroever TunnelSpecialisten) and ATLAS (THV AfzinkTunnel Linkeroever Antwerpen Studiebureau), where we are cooperating with Witteen+Bos. RoTS has been operating since 2012 and ATLAS since 2015 on testing the technical and financial feasibility of the Oosterweel Connection, detailing the design, and preparing the tender.

We are responsible for preparing technical soil reports for both the main work and preparatory work for the construction of the Oosterweel Connection. The total volume of soil to be excavated is considerable, and estimated to be 15.8 million m³ (right bank: 11.5 million m³, left bank: 2.0 million m³, Scheldt Tunnel: 2.3 million m³). In comparison, construction of the Deurganck Dock involved excavating about 9 million m³ of soil.

The exploratory soil surveys needed to identify soil usage and expropriations are also being drawn up by our specialists. Where there is severe soil contamination, we are preparing descriptive soil surveys, with the preparation of soil remediation projects possibly following.

The largest soil remediation project within the Oosterweel project is the decontamination of highly-contaminated sediments (heavy metals, mineral oil and PAHs) from Lobroek Dock in North Antwerp. We elaborated the potential remediation options in detail. Our radar technology also revealed that there are several wrecks of sunken ships in the bottom of the dock. These wrecks will be salvaged prior to decontamination.

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