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Ostend-Bruges International Airport





The airport wants to make itself accountable to internal and external stakeholders on the social, economic and environmental performance of the company through sustainability reports with measurements of sustainability indicators.

The report, which was drawn up in according to the guidelines of the GRI G3 and GRI G3-1, covered, among other things:

  • Economic performance and effects, and market presence
  • Environmental aspects (materials, energy, biodiversity, atmospheric emissions, wastewater, waste)
  • Working conditions (employment, health and safety, training, diversity and opportunities)
  • Human rights (prohibition of discrimination, labour bargaining, safety policy)
  • Social aspects (corruption, public policy)
  • Product responsibility (labelling of products and services, marketing communication, privacy policy)

The airport sustainability reports were subjected to the Application Level Check of the GRI. These reports can be found in the Sustainability Disclosure Database of the GRI by searching: Ostend-Bruges International Airport.

Photo: © Sven De Bevere