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2019 – 2020


Architecture & Civil, Engineering Assistance, E&I, Equipment/Stress, Industrial land surveying, Piping, Process, Project management

The international zinc group Nyrstar is equipping its Balen site with two new WESP (Wet Electrostatic Precipitator) filters and the existing WESP filters are being replaced at the French site in Auby.

By means of these procedures Nyrstar will continue to meet the highest sustainability and environmental requirements. Sweco is involved as an engineering partner in both assignments.

WESP Engineering Assistance during construction for Nyrstar Balen
Under the supervision of Nyrstar, Sweco is providing detailed engineering and field engineering assistance during construction. Nyrstar’s investment includes the installation of new high-performance WESP filters to replace the old KHD filters. The WESP filters are located in a new steel structure along the existing gas cleaning system of Kontakt 12 and will filter dust and aerosol in wet conditions. These wet electrostatic precipitators are fully compliant with today’s emission regulations and protect industrial equipment from permanent damage by way of dust and/or acid aerosols.

WESP project study for Nyrstar Auby (France)
At the Auby site, Nyrstar is replacing two existing WESP filters and installing a new Quench Tower with associated utilities. For this project, Sweco is providing the complete basic and detailed engineering services (process, piping, layout, civil, structural steel and E&I) as well as the interface management with the customer and the package unit vendors.

The two WESP filters will be replaced in phases and relocated at the current location. To this end, significant modifications and extensions will be made to the existing steel structure and associated foundations. In order to put the new installation into operation, the following activities are being carried out: civil and structural steel modifications, piping modifications, new gas ducting and a completely new E&I infrastructure with accompanying substation. The 25 metre high Quench Tower with accompanying tanks, pumps and utilities will be placed on an adjacent site. A new steel structure, as well as new piping and an E&I installation will be provided for this purpose.