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Vigorous support for energy management

Today, there is a growing social awareness for dealing with energy differently. Energy is a key component of the cost structure of a product or the operational management.

Dealing smarter with energy simply makes economic sense. Any company and organisation thus benefits from consciously and efficiently dealing with the consumption of energy from both a social and financial responsibility. Energy management provides the tools for achieving this goal.

Sweco Belgium assists you with analysis and follow-up actions
A key challenge for many organisations is the development of a targeted and accurate measurement system. In doing so, measurement data is correlated with energy consumption, production throughput and other parameters. Sweco has extensive experience in extracting relevant information from data. This allows you to gain or improve understanding in order to define the right measures.

Sweco guides your organisation in order to bring energy management into focus, reinforce strengths and translate operating points into action plans. These processes mostly start with a Gap analysis, after which an action plan is drawn up. This way, Sweco helps you in different phases and steps in order to progressively get better control of energy costs.

Benefits of energy management

  • Periodic assessment: keeping close track
    • Short-term follow-up ensures that energy management runs more efficiently.
    • Deviations (incidents) are quickly noticed and corrected, so that less energy is lost.
  • Better support of the decision process for expenditure or investments,
    based on:

    • accurate, quantitative information;
    • priorities for achieving the greatest gains;
    • better understanding of energy consumption and its impact on the organisation.
  • This ensures that the correct measures are introduced, supported by the financial picture, and that the people concerned (management, operators and employees) are easier to convince.
  • Proactively taking control of energy consumption: making it manageable.
  • Energy cost

In short, energy management yields profits!
When energy is given the right attention, your organisation has its energy consumption and performance under control and its energy costs are controllable. You no longer have to suffer the energy bill passively. Experience in different projects shows that a good approach to energy management easily repays itself and even has a positive impact on other elements of operational management.

Energy management for production companies
Today, production companies monitor the consumption of raw materials along with the amount of waste, poor quality production and reprocessing. This data is continuously monitored and regularly evaluated. Adjustments, in order to increase production efficiency, are made by means of technical interventions, production planning, proper control and continually better instructions to operators and other people who influence efficiency. Energy also represents a significant cost item; which is why it is advisable to apply the same approach to controlling energy consumption in the production process.

Energy management for all organisations
Organisations from the tertiary sector often have little understanding of the energy consumed in buildings and whether or not this is being used efficiently. Energy is then considered as a cost item: an amount on the energy bill upon which little influence can be exercised. Nevertheless there are many examples where the energy bill has been significantly reduced by better control of the heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting installations. Also the raising of employee awareness and how they deal with the installations has an impact that should not be underestimated.