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Sustainability lasts the longest

The world is in transition. We will have to deal with resources differently. Be it space, energy, materials, water or other scarce goods. This requires the necessary knowledge and cooperation. Sustainability is our daily practice, in projects and in our own business operations. And ‘Sustainability by Design’ is our guiding principle.



Sustainability as a common thread

We anchor this at Sweco in the Global Goals for Sustainable Developments (GSDs). It runs like a common thread through our knowledge, expertise and organisation. That is how we stimulate change and impact. These sustainability ambitions guide our content and are also the basis for what we have in mind. Driven by our ambitions and our people, who embrace and propagate this development like no other, we are taking firm steps.

54% in less than 10 years

Our CO2 footprint is calculated annually based on and in line with the GHC protocol and ISO14064. In 2019, it amounted to 6,000 tonnes, a reduction of 54% in less than ten years. Using these measures, we are in line with the promotion and realisation of climate action (SDG 13) and energy transition (SDG 7).


Circularity: our new Urban Insight theme for 2022

This year, Sweco’s cross-border knowledge platform, Urban Insights, will highlight and discuss the transition towards the key theme of ‘Circularity’. Together with experts, scientists and the public, we will discuss the transition towards greater sustainability in urban areas and highlight key steps we must take to achieve net zero cities and societies.

Urban Insight as a basis for a more sustainable future

However, there is more to Sweco than its own business operations. After all, the Sustainable Development Goals go further than that. It’s also about being an employer and a client. It is precisely here that our extensive project portfolio allows us to make significant gains. Healthy and sustainable cities are at the heart of this (SDG 11 and SDG 9). When executing projects, we have an eye for the broad social context. Here, we want to meet the needs of the customer and take into account the interests of future generations and nature.

Insights and innovations as the basis for a sustainable society

In addition, Sweco strives for an inclusive and gender-equal working environment, where talent is given the opportunity to make an impact (SGD 5). Our ten-year international Urban Insight knowledge programme focuses on the development of sustainable societies and cities (SDG 11). In our reports and interaction with customers, relations and partners, we share and continually refine this knowledge. The result: many insights and innovations that form the basis of a sustainable society (SDG 9).

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