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Kolmont Woonprojecten NV


Kapermolenpark, Hasselt




Artabel, Poponcini & Lootens ir. Architecten, Kolmont woonprojecten, Vanhout A C H Bouw + construct, Lotec and Cegelec


spatial planning, techniques, EPIC, feasibility studies, stability, infrastructure

In this multipurpose park, students, residents and visitors are all able to appreciate the experiential value of the buildings and the environment.

Sweco Belgium was responsible for the layout of the urban vision and landscaping plus the technique studies, energy performance and indoor climate (EPIC), feasibility, stability and infrastructure for the private part on the site.

A healthy mix of commercial features (shops, nursery, gym, offices, etc.), public facilities (swimming pool, Finnish track, playgrounds and park areas, etc.) and student accommodation contributes to the attractiveness of the campus park. The initial phases have now been completed: the swimming pool complex opened its doors in July 2016 and the first student tower has been in use since September 2016.

Our role
The Urban.Habitat team of Sweco took on the urban vision and landscaping and played an advisory role in the further development of the project: the swimming pool and the private development. The Kapermolenpark and also the surrounding schools campuses were taken into consideration in the vision and design. Among other things the plan required a clear vision of how the site anchors itself in its urban context, and in particular the interweaving thereof with the surrounding school campuses, the park as a whole, the way the park opens itself to the environment, and the role of the river Demer.

The Buildings divisions (stability, techniques and EPIC) and that of Infrastructure took care of the studies for the private area development. This consists of:

  • Phase 1: pavilion 1 with 74 student rooms (2014-2016)
  • Phase 2: pavilion 2 and 3 with 97 and 87 student rooms respectively (2016-2018)
  • Phase 3: underground parking garages with 172 places, the ‘Slim Lady’ Kaper Tower with 70 apartments and the Lanterneau building with gym and facility services (2016-2018)
  • Phase 4: construction of pavilion 4 with residences for professors, visiting professors, assistants, scientists, doctoral students (2018-2020)

Student pavilions in the park and along the Demer
Three student pavilions are being provided along a communal square in the park. Students enter the building through a lowered entrance level, where the mailboxes, technical areas and bicycle shed are located. The park visitors look under the building and across the bikes, whereby the view through the park is more than preserved. Semi-public play areas are also possible in this lowered area. One central corridor connects the student rooms situated on levels +1 to +6. Some large communal terraces are provided throughout the building, so as to promote team spirit among the students.

On the corner of the ‘Elfde Liniestraat’ and the Demer there will be a horizontal student pavilion on stilts (columns). Located beneath this is the access to the overlying student rooms, technical areas and bicycle storage. The effect of this building is similar to the pavilions in the park, but this building will only count four storeys.

Tower blocks and commercial areas
A campus tower with 70 apartments for starters and a commercial development on the ground floor is provided on the corner of Koning Boudewijnlaan and Elfde Liniestraat. The tower serves as a beacon for the park, a landmark for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Owing to its duality as an ‘Elegant Lady’ the tower focuses towards the park. The plinth of the building makes a visual distinction between the commercial areas and the overlying living entities. Located along the forecourt are the entrances to the interim office, launderette, the newsagent and the spacious central entrance to the apartments above.

The crowning of the campus tower is done by two sloping roof surfaces, beneath which the more spacious apartments are located. The north and south facades are characterized as massive entities. In contrast the east and south facades are open. The terraces for the apartments are located here. Under the tower there is a parking area with two underground ‘split levels. This parking area connects the tower to the nearby building with some 3 floors. Additional commercial areas will be made available there.

Foto: © Impuls Communicatie