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Brussels Airport Company


Brussels Airport, Zaventem



In 2017, Brussels Airport Company (BAC) issued a European tender for a framework agreement for various technical study assignments on Brussels Airport’s external infrastructure.

Sweco was able to win the project thanks to its expertise and years of experience at the airport.

About the framework agreement
The framework agreement has a duration of four years and includes two lots, namely Airside (lot 1) and Landside (lot 2) study assignments. In this framework agreement, Sweco Belgium is working closely with Sweco Denmark’s colleagues, including in the area of asphalt design and asset management of airport infrastructure. This project not only emphasizes the importance of our local presence, but also underlines our international expertise.

Sweco has already acquired the following assignments within this framework agreement:

Replacement of Pier B boarding bridges
This entire assignment deals with the technical elaboration of the infrastructure works associated with the replacement of the 22 boarding bridges. For example, it includes Sweco being responsible for the design and calculation of foundations for the new walkways, as well as for the design of 22 new islands.

Reconstruction of Ringlaan Noord
The north-west section of the Ringlaan around Brussels Airport (Ringlaan Noord) connects Brucargo and Technics Noord with the terminal. Sweco is responsible for the design of this important and widely used road for the airport community.

Permanent solution for de-icing water on the W2 de-icing platform and Apron 9
Brussels Airport Company wants the de-icing water that is released during the de-icing of aircraft on Apron 9 and the W2 de-icing platform to be transported to the wastewater treatment plant at the airport.

Cycle route
The cycle route that the province of Flemish Brabant will realize together with the Flemish Region, the municipality of Zaventem and Brussels Airport Company, is located at the southwestern part of the airport. This desired cycle route is known under the name ‘S-Bocht’ or ‘S-Bend’ and will connect up with the Leuven-Brussels (F3) HST cycling highway coming from Nossegem. It will also use the existing roadside and eventually connect to a cycle route from Brussels Airport Company.

Photos: © Tom D’Haenens – © Brussels Airport

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