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July 2016 – March 2018 (start-up)


detail, construction supervision and assistance from engineering


architectural & Civil, Equipment/Stress, Industrial Surveying, Piping, Process, Project Administration, Project Management

Oleon, a European leader in oleochemistry, has built a new production unit for dimers (molecules derived from sunflower oil).

This unit produces raw materials for greener cosmetics and vehicle paint. Sweco first took care of the update of the existing layout plan and then started the detail engineering for civil, steel, piping and stress.

Project objective and scope
Dimers are water-repellent, flexible and resistant to UV rays, making them ideal for coatings such as vehicle paint. The new plant also facilitated a major production improvement for isostearic acid. The engineering project itself consisted of two parts:

  • Greenfield: the reaction section was made up of a five story open steel structure. The filtration section was subsequently fitted to the building and the distillation part was delivered as a package unit. This part of the project also included a new tank farm with associated loading facilities.
  • Brownfield: the existing tank farm was adapted to include two new tanks.

Our approach
Since the basic layout had not been fully determined, Sweco first worked out an update. We also delivered a very detailed and accurate piping design, because there was limited space available. We drew 380 pipes and 26 devices for the main building, which has five floors and a size of 40×20 metres.

Special modifications
The large pipe diameters at high temperature (hot oil system) were a key point of attention. The complex design was crucially important here. We designed these pipes with the utmost care in terms of stress technology. Sweco also proactively anticipated the time-critical planning by working with assumptions made in the design phase from a variety of equipment. In this way the timing was met and we could later seamlessly implement the final information from this equipment into the design.


  • 3D Model/Layout
  • Building, concrete/steel drawings
  • Constructability (ME)
  • Engineering EPCm
  • Equipment/Valve/Tie-in list
  • Foundation/Concrete
  • PED (Classification/File)
  • Piping Design criteria/typicals
  • Piping layout
  • Piping Stress analysis
  • Process Safety valves
  • Project Management
  • Tank Farms
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