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Noord Natie Terminals


Port of Antwerp


2017 – 2018


Architectural & Civil, Construction Management, E&I (Electrical Instrumentation), Equipment, Piping, Process, Project Administration, Procurement, Project Management

Noord Natie Terminals has expanded its existing terminal with two new tank farms for hazardous goods.

Sweco’s assignment included the basic site engineering, detailed engineering of the various disciplines and management of the construction. We studied the most optimal solutions according to the co-engineering method together with the client.

In order to achieve the extra storage capacity of 32,000, two tank farms were provided, with 6 and 7 storage tanks respectively. A new riser for loading ships, the expansion of the existing truck loading facilities and a vapour processing plant (VPP) were also in the plans. The design of the installation also allows for the storage of divers products and, where necessary, the tanks can be equipped with heating.

Sweco’s package of tasks consisted of the following parts:

  1. The master plan with the basic engineering of the two new tank farm sites.
  2. Drafting the environmental permit (civil part)
  3. Detail engineering of the disciplines, wherein we developed the P&IDs. We determined the entire layout in a 3D model, including all the piping ISOs and the stress and fluid hammer calculations. For the Civil discipline we studied the foundations of the tanks, the tank farms, the pipe bridges and the riser, as well as the steel construction (piping bridges, riser, platforms, etc.) For Equipments we provided the specifications for the further layout of the pricing request and the bid tabs. Finally, within the E&I and Project Administration domains, we provided the required engineering documents and the implementation specifications.
  4. The responsibility for the construction management of all construction activities was entrusted to Sweco. In addition to the supervision, we were also responsible for technical support, including approving the engineering of the contractors.

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